Abuse is more than just violence

We are all exposed to violence through media and television and we accept this fact. However, portraying violence within the context of our families and intimate relationship crosses the line and becomes abuse.

 It is our sincere desire to join forces immediately with leaders in our communities to speak out against the Pepsi ad aired during Super Bowl 45 on February 6, 2011. Please join us in doing so. Please keep in mind that a strong united and peaceful stand for what is right, not what is acceptable or seen as funny. Your voice is more powerful if you have a clear not violent message.

Here are some ways you can speak out.

Call Pepsi at 800-433-2652

Send them a letter, their address is:

Pepsi Consumer Relations

RE: There is no excuse for abuse

1 Pepsi Way

Somers, NY 10589 

Please make your voices heard on this!

Again, here is the link to the commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eX7oYAygWOQ

Join us on Twitter, Facebook or send us an email to join our mailing list for updates: http://www.preventionasacure.org/mission.html


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