The Healthy Boundaries for Strong Kids program is designed to be delivered to a small groups of students divided by grade, catering to middle and high school students. The program is delivered by one or more coordinators from PAAC. The program consists of 6 weekly sessions lasting approximately 40 minutes each. Students are given the opportunity to provide feedback about their peers and provide valuable insight on the messages they receive about relationships and violence.

Skills obtained from program participation:

  • Intolerance of abuse between and among both genders
  • Guidelines to react appropriately to boundary crossing
  • Respect and tolerance for self and others

Benefits of self-respect:

  • Awareness of early abusive behavior
  • Awareness of personal boundaries
  • Healthy self-interest and self-respect
  • Respect for others

To find out how to make this program a part of your school or youth orgainzation contact info@preventionasacure.org.


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